About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Vogt. I am a software engineer from Houston, TX.

My interest in technology stemmed from playing video games at 7 years old. When I was younger I would continously ask myself, “How does this actually work? Is it possible for me to build my own?“.

From that day on I spent everyday learning about new technologies and how they work.

I have created blogs in the past, so this blog will be my… too many times to count… attempt at documenting my growth and understanding of new technologies. I intend to use this blog as a tool to reflect on how my perspective changes as they evolve.

My Public Projects

  • Whazzup - A social network that allows people to interact with one another in a specified radius.
  • Railcar Tables - A SaaS platform developed to solve an internal issue at our organization regarding the data management of tankcar gauge files. Companies that utilize tankcar gauge files can use Railcar Tables API to automate the information retrieval process, thus allowing for terminal management systems to perform calculations on user inputs.
  • Specter Wireless - A failed start-up of mine. It was an attempt to create a premium wireless audio(headphone/earbud/speaker) brand with device designs to solve problems I experienced myself with other wireless audio products.
  • Go Weather CLI - A simple open-source command line interface to weather.gov. Due to my occupation being heavily influenced by weather patterns in New England, I spend a lot of time looking at weather forecasts. The usual weather forecast websites are littered with ads and are slow even with ad-block. I made a CLI that allows me to check the weather for different locations that I monitor with a simple one line command.
  • Git Poster - A project still in development. The concept is to create a website where a programmer can enter their Github username and generate a “year in review” poster based on their acheivements and progress for a specified year.
  • Modern Mail - A multi-platform Email client targeted towards the Linux community. While using Linux one of the applications users miss from the traditional Mac and Windows environment is Outlook. My goal is to create a 1:1 compatible Email client with Microsoft Exchange and Office365 with a great user interface.
  • Vide - A censorship resistant video sharing platform.
  • Time Boxer - A multi-platform desktop and mobile application to help people organize their day every morning through the popular process of “Time Boxing”. I use the “Time Boxing” method every morning to objectively plan out my day.
  • Stand Up! - A SaaS platform for members of teams within an organization to provide a update prior to a meeting taking place. Once the information is collected the time spent in a meeting can be dedicated to discussions of the issues or questions mentioned in the team member’s update, rather than wasting time providing context.