• HTML & CSS
  • SASS
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Linux
  • Windows Business Environment Management
  • VoIP Integration & Management
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Databases
  • Cloud Hosting
  • AWS Specialist
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Expert with Wordpress
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Marketing
  • UX Technical Design
  • Complex Problem Solver
  • Innovative

About Me

My name is Michael Vogt. I am the Chief Technology Officer & Partner of United Cyber Development, as well as the Chief Technology Officer for Blackline Partners. My duties for both companies include Web Development, Online Business Development, Search Engine Optimization, Systems Administration, and Information Technology Security. By having a skillset as broad as mine, I am able to effectively develop secure online business presences proficient at establishing new avenues of growth.

What are you known for?

I am best known for my competence towards developing impenetrable web servers, without the loss of performance, to adhere to my successful online business development plans.

What excites you most about your work?

What excites me most about work is that work doesn't feel like 'work' to me. I get to do something I enjoy doing everyday, and I am grateful for the opporutnities I have earned.

What are you passionate about personally?

I am passionate about anything that has to do with technology, I am either working with technology, reading about it, or watching seminars about it. Outside of technology I enjoy film-photography, poetry, studying psychology and Principles of Lean while figuring out ways to implement them into online marketing. I also enjoy spending time with friends & family, as well as getting into deep philisophical conversations.

How long have you been doing what you do?

I started building computers when I was 7 years old. My friend's dad was throwing away his old desktop that he could not figure out how to fix. I asked him if I could have it to take it apart. I did just that and researched what each component did, I figured out it had a bad part and ordered a new one to get it running again.

I then started to research everything I could find regarding technology. As well as became heavily involved in online gaming.

I became really good at various online games, and eventually I got bored of playing them and proceeded to want to figure out how games worked. I researched all about them, learned basic Java, and started programming my own RSPS.

I started to catch the entrepreneur bug with the RSPS I was maintaing & hosting on the computer I had fixed. I was about 11 years old making $200-500 a month. I was ecstatic!

From there I became intrigued with trying to figure out how the internet worked. I learned how to make websites, as well as how networking and servers operated.

I am a hands-on learner, being so I decided to start my own blog putting my SEO theories and tactics to the test. Turns out it worked fairly well. My blog ranked amongst the Top 500 websites in the world during peak traffic times on Quantcast.

When I was 16 I started to develop my first business, Deluxe Web Development, a web agency for building, hosting, and marketing websites. The business became successful, despite my youth.

Read the case study for CORE Lending, one of my clients.

Volunteer activities?

I am involved in multiple charities across the Houston area. I am very fortunate for what I have, and enjoy building platforms for those who are less fortunate than me to become happy and successful.

What are you doing now?

As of now I am in the process of merging my company, Deluxe Web Development, into United Cyber Development with the guidance of the Blackline Partners. United Cyber Development is a web development agency focused on providing IT solutions to businesses within the following ways:

  • Development of interactive websites
  • Highly-secure high-performance managed web hosting
  • Integrating world-class search engine optimization strategies into a corporation's online business presence
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